Root Canals

Relieve Pain With Gentle Treatment

Preserve Your Teeth With Root Canals

Many people associate San Antonio root canals with pain, but actually, the procedure itself will remove the pain! For a fear-free root canal procedure, turn to Cosmetic Dental Associates. You can rely on our team’s skill and compassion to put your dental anxiety at ease. Your treatment will:

  • Stop your nagging toothache
  • Save your damaged tooth from extraction in most cases
  • Prepare your tooth for a new dental crown
  • Prevent damage to your other teeth and gums

Dr. Moore is an award-winning dentist who taught restorative dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for an entire decade. You can feel confident that any treatment you receive in his hands will be done with the utmost care.

Root Canals

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Visit Us With Any Symptoms That May Require Root Canal Treatment

A tooth in need of a root canal has a deep-seated infection. If left untreated, it’s possible for the infection to spread to surrounding teeth and your gums. While symptoms vary, you might need a root canal treatment if:

    • Your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold

    • Your gums are swollen or tender around your tooth

    • Your tooth hurts when you use it to chew

    • Your tooth is discolored

    • You have tooth pain that comes and goes throughout the day

    • Your dentist sees signs of infection on X-rays

Rely On Our Team For Precision Root Canal Care

If we determine you do need a root canal, here’s what we’ll do:

    • Your dentist will begin by numbing the appropriate area of your mouth.

    • He will then enter the narrow channels inside your tooth and clean out the infected tissue and bacteria.

    • He will then fill the canals of the tooth with material that prevents infection – and the associated pain – from coming back.

    • Your tooth, now free of infection, will be covered with a dental crown for appearance, strength, and protection from further damage.

To avoid future root canal procedures, we recommend visiting our dental office every six months for dental cleanings and exams. We can also treat your teeth with fluoride to strengthen them against cavities.
San Antonio root canals don’t have to hurt – especially at Cosmetic Dental Associates! Call 210-337-6453 or schedule online.