Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

Uncover A Healthier, Balanced Smile

When your smile is more gums than teeth, it’s known as a “gummy smile.” Gum reshaping in San Antonio from Dr. John A. Moore will correct your gums and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We use a gentle laser for this treatment, which means:

  • No cutting, minimal pain, and little to no bleeding
  • Faster, more comfortable healing
  • Quicker and more precise treatment

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Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

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Correct Your Gummy Smile

If your gums are too prominent, you’ve probably noticed them in photos and felt self-conscious about them. A gummy smile can also make your teeth appear smaller than they are, which can lead to more social embarrassment. Get your confidence back with a visit to our cosmetic dentist for laser gum reshaping.

Dr. Moore uses a special soft-tissue laser to push back your gumline and expose more of your teeth. In the past, this procedure was performed with a scalpel, which required stitches and a longer healing time. However, patients love our laser reshaping because treatment is quick and comfortable – and no stitches are needed!

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Feel Satisfied With Your Smile Through Other Cosmetic Dental Options

Fixing your gummy smile can bring you relief, but it might not bring you satisfaction if other flaws are keeping you from having the perfect smile. You can package multiple cosmetic dentistry treatments together for a smile makeover. Some of our most popular aesthetic services are:

    • Dental Veneers

    • Professional Teeth Whitening

    • Invisalign

    • Orthodontics

Get your gums under control with San Antonio gum reshaping from Cosmetic Dental Associates. Take the lead on your new smile and call 210-337-6453 or schedule online. You’ll have a smile worth boasting about in no time!