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Family Dentist in San Antonio, TX

Did you know that Cosmetic Dental Associates treats children too? That’s right, your entire crew can visit one office to see a skilled, caring San Antonio family dentist. While you get your teeth whitened, your kids could be getting their teeth polished during their six-month dental checkups. Show your children early in life to expect quality family dental care by taking them to an experienced dentist like Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. Our team will:

  • Keep your family’s smiles healthy and bright
  • Give you peace of mind about your loved ones’ oral health
  • Help your kids avoid social embarrassment among their peers
  • Catch and treat oral problems before they can become painful and costly

Family Dentistry

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Keep Up With Six-Month Teeth Cleanings & Dental Exams

For the health of your teeth and gums, you should visit us every six months for a professional dental cleaning and exam. We might suggest more frequent visits if you’re dealing with an ongoing dental health issue. If our team notices a problem, we may recommend preventive treatments like:

    • Dental sealants to shield the biting surfaces of your teeth from harmful cavity-causing bacteria

    • Fluoride treatments and varnish to make your tooth enamel stronger and more resistant to decay

    • Nutritional counseling to help you make the right choices at mealtimes

We Provide Braces, Athletic Mouthguards, & Wisdom Teeth Removal

As your children age, you may find they need more than standard dental care. Cosmetic Dental Associates will be there for them every step of the way. We offer:

    • Orthodontics to straighten teeth and fix bad bites

    • Athletic mouthguards to protect teeth from harm

    • Wisdom tooth extraction to prevent overcrowding, pain, and tooth infection

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