Oral Surgery

Preserve Your Oral Health With Surgery

Restore Your Smile With Oral Surgery

Although we do it exceptionally well, cosmetic dentistry isn’t all we offer at Cosmetic Dental Associates. Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. is also skilled in using oral surgery to improve our patients’ health. If you need a surgical procedure, benefits of allowing our team to perform it include:

  • Advanced technology like digital and panoramic X-rays and computer-guided equipment
  • Assurance that our dentists and staff will help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible
  • Dental skills and expertise gained over decades of providing high-quality patient care

All of our procedures are performed with adherence to our pain-free dentistry philosophy. Whether you’re a local patient or traveling a great distance to visit us, if you have dental anxiety, you can trust our team to treat you with compassionate, gentle care.

It’s natural to choose an award-winning dentist like Dr. Moore for your oral surgery procedure. His expertise in cosmetic dentistry and tooth replacement means that we’ll be able to see your teeth through every stage of renewing your smile.

Oral Surgery

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Receive Painless Tooth Removal or Surgery to Repair Your Jawbone & Gums

A tooth can sometimes be saved with a root canal treatment. If we do have to extract your tooth, it will likely be due to severe infection, trauma, or extreme damage. In the case of wisdom tooth removal, yours may need to be extracted because they pose a threat to the appearance or health of your smile.

Whatever the reason for your tooth removal, you can rely on Dr. Moore and our team to perform your procedure quickly and comfortably. Before we begin, we’ll make sure the area is fully numb and that you feel nothing.

Below are several other types of oral surgery we perform:

    • Bone Graft – The loss of a tooth often leads to bone loss. A bone graft is commonly performed when your jawbone is not substantial enough to support a tooth implant. The graft will stimulate new bone growth.

    • Gum Graft – When your gums recede, they expose the roots of your teeth and increase risk of infection. This can lead to chronic bad breath and even tooth loss. Gum recession is often treated using a gum graft. This procedure is similar to a bone graft but is done when you need to build up your gum tissue.

    • Ridge Augmentation – Your gums are naturally a certain height and width. Following tooth extraction or to prepare your mouth for a dental implant, your dentist might suggest a ridge augmentation to rebuild the shape of your gum and bone around your empty socket.

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